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Warm wishes quilt with planets



Today was intense.  After the workout this morning, I came home and made pear sauce and knowing the freezer is too full to add more fun, I canned some of the grapes I had frozen.


Did you know the grapes would float like this?   I filled the jar with grapes and because they grapes are very sweet, I didn’t want to add sweetening.  So I just added water and canned them in a water bath.   They don’t look the same as the fruit cocktail ones, but then maybe they wouldn’t look so full if it was just grapes.   It was a good experiment and since I’ll use them in smoothies, nothing is lost.


After lunch, I headed to the studio as I had cut out a quilt top last night that I really wanted to sew.   So I pushed myself and the flimsy is done.  It is 59 x 70, which is about the same size as the one I made yesterday.  I like this pattern as it is so fast and easy and looks harder than it is.  The binding will be the blue color.   I see this as going to a kid of any age.

  Now tomorrow morning, I must clean all this mess up as Mary is coming over and we will do some embroidering and she will help to fix the quilting machine.   And I must get a lunch ready as well.