Daily Archives: December 27, 2015




Beginning downsizing


It seems every year I start to downsize and somewhere in the year I trip and more things come in.  Today, I started in my closet and pulled out about 1/4 of the clothes.   Some were gifts that I’d never worn as they were a bit more office like, others were on the very worn side.   No, I don’t need to go shopping as there are still plenty of clothes in there at least until summer.   This photo is of 3 of the bags.  I think there is at least one more.


 Then I went to the laundry room and found these in a drawer.   These are from mom’s place and I have no idea how old they are.   I haven’t used them, but there is a home for them.  So they will leave.    That was about all the energy I had for today’s downsizing, but there will be more as I have promised myself 5%.   Do you think I will even notice 5%?   Well, I will continue at a slow pace until I have gone through the rooms.  But I will do it at leisure.