Daily Archives: December 15, 2015

Mostly ramble


Here are the hat photos that my computer was fighting two nights ago.   There was no post last night due to pain killers throughout the day. The doctor said a major nerve is just above the cut, which makes me feel pain in areas unrelated to the ankle.    I understand very little of all of this.   The body is a marvelous machine.   The more I learn, the more in awe of God I am.


However, yesterday,  I did start this pair of gloves – at least they are cast on.  They are a real stretch for me, as I am not used to reading the graphics for knitting.   I read the instructions several times, left them and came back and read them again.   Now I believe I understand them.

 Then my attention span jumped to chaining and doing the first row of a baby quilt.     The rest of the day was spent trying to sleep off the Oxycodone

 Today was a trip back into Seattle to see the doctor.   He was pleased with the way the foot looks.


He had the big splint taken off as well as the stitches removed.


This is the small opening through which they got soft interior bone to graft to the ankle.


 Then I got this wonderful boot, which I really like.   It is much more comfortable, feels like it supports my foot,  and is removable.  Also, it gives me clothing options, since I only had two pair of shorts that would go over the splint.   The new guidelines are that the first week, I can use the walker by just putting a little weight on this foot, and each week I can add, so that – as long as there is no pain – in a month I may be able to walk without the walker.   After that, it will be a matter of strength training on this leg.   Anyway, that’s the current plan.