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A very little here and there

Yes, I did start on the list making, but seem to be easily distracted.   The first list of course is the lists of lists.

Lists of things to do

  1. Do it yourself projects such as make soap

  2. embroidery

  3. garden to organize

  4. knitting and crochet projects

  5. quilting

  6. recipes to try

  7. sewing projects

  8. spinning and dyeing

Things to learn

  1. knitting machine

  2. Scan n cut

  3. Serger

goals with animals and gym

These are the broad catagories I came up with.   I need to get more specific inside each.   Then I can break that down into monthly goals.

Then because I don’t stick to one project well right now, I started a Seahawks beanie and worked more on the ancestry    The ancestry goal is to find the most direct route to becoming a  DAR  (daughter of the American Revolution) member.

And I tucked a nice long nap in between a couple of these projects.