2016 goals

I seem to be having trouble deciding exactly what my goals should be.   Perhaps that is because they still aren’t the right ones.   I  know that I want to be more relaxed and spend more time outdoors this year.   I have many more projects on my lists than I could do in 2-3 years, so I still need to go through and decide which will be the most important.   This is where I am right now:

  1. Do 3 block of the month flimsies.

  2. Finish 2 quilts a month (1/2 of what I did last year)

  3. Knit 12 projects (socks/blankets) this year + 12 washcloths

  4. Embroider 12 projects this year

  5. Sew 36 projects this year  which includes placemats and doll clothes

  6. Work to get the gardening  producing 12 months a year – add heat and fans.

  7. Set up a schedule for garden rotation and actually work it.

  8. Add 5-10 sheep and find an outlet for the fiber

  9. Learn to use the Scan N Cut

  10. Lose 2# a month

I will work on modifying this to be more specific tomorrow.   I would love to see what some of your goals are for this coming year.   Please share

2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    Haven’t created my goals, but I do need to finish a whole variety of WIPs!

    • sharon says:

      You might want to start by just making a list of the ufos and possibly what you still have to do on each