Tomatoes, cookies, and shopping


This is the first of the tomatoes.   All are the small type.  I labeled them as we picked them, so that we could compare and decide if we want to try these types again next year or only some of them as well as something new.


I was acquiring a list of must get items that were not at the grocery store, so I spent part of my very hot day in the stores, which is a great way to cool off.   I purchased 2 shower rods, a birthday card, a birthday gift, a syrup bottle, a shower curtain with a map and 2 bags of lingerie bags in which to wash the wool.   {It is not an accident that you can’t clearly see the card or the gift in the back.}

Here is a cookie recipe that we are really enjoying, sometimes just to eat, sometimes with strawberries over them as in shortcake, and sometimes with milk as for breakfast.    I use one very ripe or thawed banana per cup of oatmeal.  Sometimes I add just raisins, sometimes dried mulberries, blueberries and raisins.   I mix it up. The big thing is you want about a cup of oats per banana.   They are a bit tricky to get to stay together when you put them on the pan.   I used parchment paper.   Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.   Quick and easy to make.


2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    This sure is the year to grown tomatoes in the PNW!

    • sharon says:

      I’d like to say that was true for my tomatoes and maybe next week, but they really didn’t like this 90+ degree weather.
      Sunday, I need to dig the garlic and I think there are quite a few of the potatoes that are done, which is not good. They won’t last until winter. And I think it is too late to replant, so not sure but what I’ll be buying them this winter.