Daily Archives: July 19, 2015

The last bear and pattern trouble

IMG_2780This is the last of the bear blocks.   So I cut out and put together as directed all the connecting units.   Here’s where  the pattern is wrong.   The kit has 6 fabrics which are to be cut into 2 x 2 squares, which I did.


As you can see, 5 – 2″ squares do not equal 10″   The squares are to be cut 10 x  10.   So next sewing time I will have to find a coordinating fabric to add to each of these pieces.   And just when I was so ready to put the top mostly together and sit it to the side until baby is born.  One block will have her name, birthday, etc on it, so can’t finish until she arrives.    However do you think they got the idea that if I cut 5 – 2 squares that I would end up with 10″ after 1/2″ seam on each piece.   If I had figured it out to begin with, I could have cut the pieces 1.5″ and it would have come out perfect.  Then again, if a mistake had to be made, at least this is one I can fix by just adding another piece.  6 x 2 = 12 – 3 for seams will be 9 and I need 10.    I’ll have to think on this overnight.


Meanwhile the fleece that didn’t get clean Friday is in the washing machine soaking – I’ll take it out so it doesn’t get agitated.   But I think it can soak overnight and see if it can get cleaner.   Tomorrow is another good day for drying a fleece.   I may have to card it to get the ends open and then rewash.

I did finish spinning some wool that I purchased in roving years ago.   Now I’m not sure if I want to ply it on itself or with another color.   I’m really leaning to another color.