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10 Things your non-homesteading friends just don’t understand


A modern homesteader is someone who might:

  • Painstakingly research the remedies of generations-past to help their families heal.
  • Get more excited going to the farmer’s market than the mall
  • Spend all night in the barn checking on a new baby goat… and never blink an eye.
  • Scour yard sales for old cast iron cookware and mason jars.
  • Grow tomatoes and lettuce and basil on their apartment balconies.
  • Find kneading bread dough almost as good as therapy.
  • Close their eyes and take a long slow breathe whenever they smell freshly cut hay or ground wet from rain.
  • Line up all their home-canned foods in a pretty row so they can admire the fruit of their labor.
  • Rise at the crack of dawn to milk their animals, or drive 40 miles to pick up fresh milk from a farmer.
  • Dig up their front yard, despite the raised eyebrows of the neighbors, to plant their first garden.
  • Jump up and down and squeal when they finally find the first egg from their home-raised chickens.

This  blog speaks so well about the times of my life that I have loved the best.  Not that I ever considered myself a homesteader so much as I enjoyed he farming experiences.

I do hope you will go and read it.  If you double click on the red, it will open in a new window.