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Some days are challenging


Today was one of those days.   After breakfast, feeding the bees, and some watering, I wanted to work on a project for the blog.   I need a potholder for a gift so worked on that. . . . .until I was at the next to the last step and found that my walking foot no longer walks and tomorrow, I will go to JoAnn’s and purchase a new one.


After that stall, I decided I should quilt another one of the quilt flimsies.   So I mounted it on the machine, realized that I want to do it manually and decided there wasn’t enough day left.   Project abandoned for another day.    I sandwiched the little Christmas quilt that I put together earlier this week and it is ready for the machine, which now has a different quilt on it.   There are days like this when nothing seems to get done (oh, yes, laundry is done, except for sheets).  Then there are the days where everything seems to come together, because there wasn’t much left to do on any one project.   Those are the days I love most.

I want to thank you who made mattress suggestions.   We are still at the debate between box springs and latex.

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