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Quick n easy train

 After spending 4 hours putting the binding on yesterday’s quilt, I wanted to make something fast.IMG_2808

 This panel was purchased for a quick and easy thumb sucking, drag around project.  It has fabric on both sides and is prequilted.  Should be quick and easy, right?

Here is the “quick and easy story”.   I went to the store and purchase a package of quilt binding, came home and opened it.   Oops, a flaw that I could not work around.   Back to the store – and on the way there was an auto accident that meant I would have to go the round about way home as it was rush hour and that traffic was backed up about 2 miles.    Back home for the second time


and saw this shattered patio door.   OK, nothing I can do about that except ask DH to handle that one.


 Back to the “quick and easy”   The thread kept breaking.  So I went to the other machine and had no trouble.   I’m not sure what that was all about.   I had pinned the binding on all the way around.    Now I unpinned all the binding, went to the other machine and had no problem at all.   It really was fast.


This is nearly impossible to see, but it is the corner of the blanket.   I sewed the corners closed with the zigzag so baby fingers wouldn’t get lost in them.

We are supposed to have rain for the weekend after nearly 2 months of dry.   That would be good.   I pray you enjoy your weekend as well.

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