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Planned parenthood?


Not our plan, I just sold 14 chickens.   Yesterday 5 bantams and today 7 buff Orpington hatched.    Obviously we thought we were diminishing the flock.   In fact I thought we were down to 6.  Surprise!   As long as they stay in the chicken coop or pasture, it is not a problem as they are great for bug control.   But both these who just hatched babies have been a pain around the house.   The bantam is cooped up in a pen near the house and will be transferred to the coop as soon as the chicks are old enough – maybe another week or two.    The new clutch was taken to the coop today and set up.   Perhaps if they are raised there, they will get the idea, since there are still 4 hens down there that behave.  If they don’t get the idea, we have a freezer and dogs who will eat chicken.   Life is fun on the farm!   Anyone bored, I have a coop that needs to be cleaned out.

And now back to the quilt, I’m trying to get quilted.

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  1. Judy S says:

    Seems like your life is never dull!