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Cooking and canning

IMG_2820I must show you that the 2 artichoke plants produced these three chokes!   And they usually  increase their output each year.


A cool day gave me a chance to heat the kitchen to only comfortable plus.   I started with soaking beans overnight.   This morning, I put them on to cook

IMG_2824as I made a batch of blueberry muffins for breakfast and a big batch of split pea soup.    While all that was cooking, I made scalloped potatoes for tomorrow and no-egg salad for today.  I ran out of celery and it was so convenient to just go to the garden for more.IMG_2828

 It takes 75 minutes after the pressure is up to 11# to process each batch of jars.   During this time, one must stay nearby to make sure the pressure is correctly maintained.  (Then it takes more time for the pressure to  return to normal so one can remove the jars ).   The first batch was processing while we ate lunch.


So I spent the afternoon monitoring the other 2 batches and cooking more beans for the third batch.   Now there are 7 pints of garbanzo beans,   18 pints of split pea soup, and 15 pints of black beans for a total of 40 pints today.    The way we go through garbanzos, though,  7 pints will not last long, so I set out another 20 plus pounds to soak tonight which means more canning tomorrow.   Then I’ll wait for the next cool weather to do the pintos and red beans.     I need to have enough canned to last the rest of the year as I don’t want  to be canning during the holidays.  And it is so nice to  just grab a pint of beans to make a meal.

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