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Baby hats

It seems that I was busy all day, but when I looked for photos, I didn’t have much.   The mechanic came out again this morning and after another two hours had everything tuned up and a couple broken pieces replaced.    It seems quieter.   Maybe these quilts will be done next week and I can play with the embroidery machine again.


For diversion and since I didn’t want to tackle anything serious while he was here, I started sewing the hats.  All of them have the long seam


And 40 of them have the seam across the top and top end sewn together.   Then the two pointy ends are butted and zigzagged together.


These are now turned and ready to go.   They are so cute when rolled up for a baby’s head.

Later today, a family came out to look at the alpacas, sheep and chickens.   Bill wants them to be sold, I can’t imagine how lonely it will be here without them.   We’ll see what happens.   They  want to  discuss it and if they decide will have to find a horse trailer to take them home.

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