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An interesting day

I was asked if I ever get bored.    I don’t even know the meaning of that word.   And my children knew better than to say they were bored, because I could always come up with a project for them.

Some days can only be called “interesting”    Today was one of them.   I went to get some 18″garden stakes.   That doesn’t sound too hard, does it.   Okay, I get to Lowe’s and the man says they don’t have any.   Me “you don’t have any, then what do people do or did you sell out?”    He looks over head and says they have some, but he will have to go find a ladder.  (good thing I wasn’t in a hurry)   Of course there was a ladder right there, but another salesperson was on it.   Instead of just waiting, he went off after another and came back to get down the stakes.  Oh, whoops, the box is too heavy for him, so calls someone to come help him.   Then he asks how many I want.   “just one package, thank you.”


Okay, mission accomplished.   Now I needed some 4×4 posts and some 2x4s for a future project.   Since I always seem to need a 2×4,  I like to get some wood each time I have to go there.   I asked the cashier if there is someone who can help me.   She tells me to go get the fellow off the Hyster.  Back to the back of the store, I went again, to be told, “just buy them and they will be loaded as they are all outside”.    Did that, and waited another 5 minutes for someone to come out and see that I needed help.

Off to JoAnn’s for my quilting foot, I went.   I was greeted as I walked in the door – WOW, unusual and nice.   It helps to be the only customer.   I told the clerk what I wanted and she went right to where it was and we went to check out.   Now this really should have been simple, I had a coupon.   But she couldn’t make it work.   After about 15 minutes of trying, she tells me, it is because it is a machine accessory and they aren’t included on the coupons.

At home, I have a young man who is doing some odds and ends for me.   He had just finished the last project I gave him when I got back, so he unloaded the wood for me which was really nice.  He did another small job and left as he could only work a couple hours today.   It was too hot anyway.  Next week promises to be cooler.

Water!   Have you noticed with the heat, everything has to be water much more.  That takes plenty of time as well.


Finally, I had some time to sew and this little girl insisted on a summer dress.   So she now has one.  I like how it turned out and only used 1/4 yard of fabric plus some left over rick rack.   This looks like a great choice to make for the Christmas dolls.

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