A day out


Today. Mary and I decided to have a day out.   We first went to Sew Fun at Quality Sewing and the photo above is of some of the items Lana Jones made to entice us to buy books and other items.   She is truly an artist and we enjoyed her tips and hints.   And to our surprise, we were each given a DVD of hints, embroidery patterns and other items for coming to the meeting.

Then it was off to Trader Joe’s for a very few items, followed by lunch at Panera’s.   Our next stop was Costco where we stocked up on dog treats and off to the post office to turn in the orange slip and pick up a package.  After that we went to Wal-Mart  where I bought a pre-quilted panel for a baby boy and she purchased flannel for various projects for the 5 babies that will soon be entering her world.    After that we were tired enough to come home and rest.

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  1. Judy S says:

    Soundslike a nice day!