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September declutter

IMG_5194Today in serger foot class we practiced with the elastic foot both putting elastic on


and putting on  a wire edge which would most likely be used on ribbon.


Then we used our bead foot for beads and


ribbons, yarn, or whatever would go through the machine for a pretty edge.  The classes are fun with only 4 of us and  the teacher having time to show us extra uses.

We are starting the first day of a new month and the first day of the last third of the year.   It has once again come to my attention that we are not promised tomorrow.   And I wish to leave areas that are easy for someone else to step into and take care of the disposal of items – or at least not leave them a mess.  When hospitalized for 3 months several years ago, I was running a business and was very organized.   Others were able to step in and dissolve the business.   When Mother had to move to an assisted living, we were able to easily clean out the house.   So it is possible.   My goal for this month is to declutter and organize the sewing room and at least one other room.  I usually keep like things in the same area which really helps.   How about you – Do you have a room that could use attention?   Would you like to join me?



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Use it or lose it

DH and I have really been pushing ourselves as we realize that we don’t have the stamina that we had when he was still working (now we have to work back up).   We have all seen people who have just kept doing what they have always done and don’t slow down.   Recently I saw where a 100 year woman ran another marathon.   There are other examples we’ve all seen.

I’ve been asked how I get so much done.  Push, Push, Push.   Our bodies were made to move and when we don’t, they slow down.

 My step goal is 10,000 steps per day.  My doctor recommended knee surgery about 5 years ago.  I asked her if there was anything I could do to avoid that and she said “walk”.   So I walk.  Yes, there are a few times when the knee is a bit uncomfortable, but I think the longer I can go without the surgery, the better.  And the knee is never  uncomfortable  more than a few minutes.

  We have added gardening to our activities and when it gets cold, we will go to the gym 3 times a week again (our insurance covers “silver sneakers).   We also go to the gym once a week for senior “yoga” which is really just stretching exercises.

The other thing is we try to put only the best fuel in our mouths, which is why we grow as much food as we do.  That is not to say, we do it all correctly.   On occasion, we indulge in a bit of sugar.  But most of the time, we are careful to eat food as grown, which also means no animal foods,  extracted oils or processed food.  And we eat a lot of our food raw.  We do eat foods that contain oils such as raw nuts, and avocados, however, try not to have fractured foods.  And I no longer worry about weight, though it could/should be less.   I think being happy and content is worth a lot when it comes to our health.

I make *lists of what I want to accomplish each day and really try to get through them, but the only things that I must do each summer day are the steps and the hoop house watering.  Other things that don’t get done, spill over into the next day.   For instance, I had “pick lavender” one day, but I found the bending to be too much for one day, so it spilled over into several days, with one bush at a time.

And yes, we do hire the heavier work done.   That  is not worth killing ourselves and it gives a bit of money to someone who really needs it.  As well, sometimes I make my list short so we can have a “vacation” day.  And each week we observe a Sabbath day.

If you have other questions, just ask, as I don’t mind answering them.

*Lists are made by making an annual list, a monthly list, and a daily list.   The daily list is altered mostly by the weather.




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Sock yarn leftovers

It was one of those crazy days where I don’t feel a lot was accomplished and yet it was.   There is just a lot more to do.  So let’s start with explaining about the socks.


In the photo at the left, you can see I loop the new yarn around the needle and knit it into the next stitch.


Then the next 5 or 6 stitches, I knit with both pieces of the new yarn.   When finished, I weave in the yarn that I dropped when changing yarns.   This is just my made up way to do it.   I don’t know how the professionals do it.

IMG_4553See where each loop is – there are three.  Those are places where I changed yarns.  I hope that makes it a bit clearer.


We spent the morning putting up curtains and taking many of the excess items out of the new guest room.   These are the fleeces that have been repackaged and are ready for me to make some decisions on what I will do with them.  At least they are sorted and in one pile instead of overflowing the closet and the corners.


And the drapes are now up and the shade is working.    Tomorrow, I will get the rugs and trash can.   I ran out of energy today.

IMG_4551I decided to hang this on the screen to cut the view of my very messy table that at times is used for potting plants and other times to trim quilts.


And this is the end of the hall.  Now, it looks a bit more like a home instead of just a basement.

IMG_4547I did get the binding cut for the circus quilt.   Now to find time to quilt it.

I wonder how people get their houses to stay clean.   We use the entire house and there are always areas that could use “spring cleaning”.   Tomorrow my list includes yoga, getting the rugs for the guest room and it’s bathroom, sheets for our bed, picking up my sewing machine from the “hospital”,  picking and cleaning maybe 6 gallons of greens, fertilizing the hoop house (DH will do the big garden) and watering, mopping the floors downstairs, cleaning the wall the dogs wiped their coats on last winter, and then do a tidy up job on the shelves in the bathroom and cleaning it.    I will ask DH to pick up the chairs that are at the chair “hospital”   And you know what, it won’t all get done, but it is on my list.   Maybe that’s why it seems I’m always playing “catch-up”.    Oh, and if/when all that is done, there is a circus quilt waiting to be quilted.



2016 Goals revisited



Quilting ufos to be completed and what needs to be done  The goal is to finish one per month

  1. Circus    due 1/15               appliques cut n sewn,  assembling, quilting
  2. tumbling blocks – blue     quilting
  3. baby block – black             quilting
  4. turtles                                  quilting
  5. heirloom                             quilting
  6. fishing    due 8/1               appliques cut and sewn  assembling,s quilting
  7. storm at sea                       quilting
  8. tell it to the stars              borders.    quilting
  9. mittens                               1 block, borders, quilting
  10. BH king size quilt             skirting, quilting
  11. sunbonnets                        quilting
  12. sunbonnets 2                     assembling, quilting

New quilts I want to make:

  1.  These are snowman Block of month
  2.    another sunbonnet quilt Block of the month
  3. 2 “warm wishes” quilts for charity   on line pattern
  4. shop hop tote that I acquired the kit for in 2005
  5. child’s teddy bear with piping  pattern
  6. “Frost’s alter ego”” pattern
  7. “Gift wrap”  pattern
  8. “rob Peter to pay Paul’   GO cutter
  9. “drunkards path”  GO cutter
  10. an owl quilt   GO cutter
  11. choose a book and make a quilt from it
  12. “twinkle little tree” pattern

That should handle the quilting,     I have spoken for the Cormo sheep, not sure yet how many, 6-10

For sewing the plan is 2 doll dresses per month, plus we need placemats for 10 months and I like a set of 4. My goal is to make them one month ahead of need.  So I will start these in February   I  plan to make a couple “Bendy Bags” and “run around  bags” as well as a bolts worth (about 130) of purple baby hats for the hospital.  Then there is a request for the microwave bowl holder for gifts.

I am doing the yahoo groups knit along wash cloth which is monthly.   They offer 2, but I’ll be happy to get one done each month.   I also have enough yarn to do at least 10 pair of socks.  If I can squeak them in here, I’d like to do a couple crocheted baby blankets as well.

So these are my 2016 craft goals.    What are yours?   I’d love to hear them.







So many lists!

Now I need a list of my lists.   Just to clarity this list making:  I make many lists, which means I’ve always something to do.  I find that when I can’t  quickly come up with something I want to do, if is very easy to just waste time  Let’s say I have 10 minutes before I have to make a meal.   Well that’s not much time and maybe I don’t want to clean, or start another project, but if I see a short and fast thing to do on a list, I can quickly do it and I get to check it off.   Or maybe it will just be a small part of something larger that will get done, like a sock or pot holder.   In either event, I have profitably used those minutes  and you would be amazed at how many minutes I can while away without my lists, usually on something like facebook .     However, I also know that I will not get everything on my lists done and that’s ok. Right now my lists have started to look like this.

  1. Farm list:  7 items
  2. DIY    1 item
  3. Knitting and crochet:  49 goals
  4. Sewing:  118 items

  5. quilting: 71 goals

  6. and so it goes with each category

Of course these are fluid – at least until I can get back into the studio and see for sure what I have put in my “to do” stack.   Some may be deleted and more may be added.   Don’t forget to add in time for those gifts you may want to make or charity work you enjoy.

Then I’ll make a calendar, deciding how much time there is for each item in that month.  Obviously the winter will be more sewing types and the summer – more garden, animals, and so forth.    So my monthly calendar has to allow for appointments, family, weather, etc.  It may work out to a 120 hour work month for list items.   Then, I go through the lists  and give each item a time for completion or how long I’ll be working on it.  Then I could say, I  have 60 hours this month for quilting, 10 for knitting, 10 for gardening, 20 for animals, and 10 for spinning.    When I actually near the month, I can customize it to the appointments and how much of which I want to do.    The lists also have many short jobs, such as a knitted potholder that I can work on in spare minutes, or in the car.  And at this time, I also put in the menus for at least 3 days a week.

It takes planning time up front for me, but it pays off as I can see all these checks for something done.    Try it, you just might like it!       Oh, forgot about the sick days – you’ll be too busy to get sick.    But if something comes up, you’ll can look at your accomplishments and know that it’s okay.  And if a friend pops in, enjoy the visit, look how much you’ve already accomplished.

Your goal was to get as much done as possible which is not the same as everythingee you could think to put on your lists.

Just in case this isn’t as clear as I think, when we come closer to January, I’ll post my goal sheet for you to see.





Inventory and planning (list making)

No  photos today because you know what paper looks like.     I spent a good share of the afternoon taking inventory of what was completed last year and was surprised to find that the items on my list were not what I completed most of.   In fact, there were many items completed that weren’t even thought of yet.   They  were items that came across my  path that I sidetracked to do.   Still lists are good because without direction, I waste too much time,   This year’s inventory so far is completed and I have started the lists of what I want to accomplish in each department next year.

I will have a list for quilting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, dolls, garden, embroidery, learning new skills, exercise,  and maybe others.   Then I will divide those by months.    I know that the goals will not all be met, in fact more probably will not be met, than will be met.   But oh, how much more will get done than if I didn’t have lists.

Do you make lists?   If you do, let’s share and if you don’t, try a small list.   You might find it makes a difference in your life.




Misconceptions and socks


What a lovely day.   I had the opportunity to sit on the deck and watch the waterfowl as I knitted for awhile today.

I have heard from a few of you that I get a lot done in a day.   You might think that, but what really happens is that I often do things over an extended time.   For instance, I could tell you that I canned 8 pints of salsa and 15 pints of split pea soup, which is all true.   What isn’t in that sentence is that I started simmering the tomatoes, celery and peppers (which were from the freezer) on Sunday.   By Wednesday they were simmered to a good thickness, so I pressure canned them, took them off the heat and let them set overnight.   Yesterday, we made a large pot of split pea soup, jarred it and last night, pressure canned 10 jars of it.   Again, I let it cool while I went to bed.   This morning, when I got up, I took the last 5 jars out of the refrigerator and canned them while I made breakfast and started walking.   They have to be under pressure for 45 minutes, so sometimes, I get my DH to watch pressure while I do something else.

The little dress that I posted last night was cut out at Christmas time and just finished late the night before I posted it.   These socks that I am making were cast on a week ago.   Each night before going to bed, I have knitted 2 rows minimum.   I have started crocheting a baby blanket which is a learning process for me.   I have started some Christmas gifts which are getting done a bit at a time.   They are cut out and yesterday were embroidered.   They will eventually get sewn.   So when I post something, remember, it could have been awhile in the making.   This is how it appears that I get so much done.    So please don’t be discouraged by what you are achieving.   We are looking through different glasses.   If you make a list of what you have done, you’ll be surprised at how much it is.

Having said that, there are times that I really push myself to get something finished by a certain time.   It’s just not usually the case.

And now back to this over packed, squished down, box of fabric that I must make into blocks and strips that will eventually warm someone.



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Suprise snow!

P1000793 at the river

Yesterday we had a delightful walk by the river.

 P1000794 snow Feb 9

But look what we woke up to this morning.   We were expecting snow flurries, just not 3 1/2 inches of snow.  February is our the most unpredictable month and usually the coldest.   2 years ago, it was a huge ice storm, so this isn’t bad at all.    It has started to melt, but the promised rain has not yet arrived.    If we get it during the night, the streets will be slushy tomorrow, but not icy.

I had planned to start the lettuce and cruciferous plants.   Maybe next Sunday, or maybe not.



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One of those days and sweatshirt makeover

We all have them occasionally – a day where we don’t want to do anything on our  list.   I have had one of these today – so after retrieving the bird from the vet,  instead of doing what I scheduled to do, I volunteered to test some embroidery designs.

Then I did a bit of work on a couple different projects and pulled out another project not even close on my list to start.   At this point, I realized this is a short month with the Sew Expo the last two days and  I really do need a jacket to where then.

P1000775 purple swear hanging on door

Out came the sweatshirt that I cut up the front last week.   I found some trim in one of mother’s boxes and decided on an embroidery design to put on it.   (One could use applique if you’d rather)     So easy and here is the finished project!



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P1000766 meal planning

This was the way I scheduled when I had lots of baby birds to feed.   It is very demanding and not necessary for my current lifestyle.   It is hour by hour throughout the day.

P1000766 meal planning

This is my current way of making schedules.    The first one is meal planning.   I like to have an idea with the recipes if needed for what will happen each day.   Then I know what needs to be cooked ahead that week or only that day.  This is somewhat flexible because what if I find an exciting recipe I want to try or we still have leftovers that need to be eaten?   We have a smoothie each morning with different greens -depending on what I find in the store and what I have in the freezer.    I like to get large bags of greens and freeze them in meal portions for the smoothies.  Likewise the different fruits will be what are in the freezer plus what I find on sale.

P1000768 months plans

Then there is the general schedule for what gets done.   I start this by listing what I’d like to get done on one paper.   Then putting headings on another paper, I list them under the proper headings.

Finally I fill out a sheet for the month, remembering that things are only things and not to get too stressed if something didn’t get finished or something else came up that was more important.    Having this schedule reduces the time spent looking for something to do or playing on the computer.     If the project is in front of me, it usually gets done.   The bigger problem for me is to overschedule like I did last month.   I tried to be more realistic this month.


There are certain things that are done everyday the same like Wed.  Seniors get a discount on Wed at the grocery store so that’s a great time for me to go.    Then Friday I clean and prepare meals for the weekend.   Sundays I plan things for both of us, though it doesn’t always work out that both of us do them.  There are various things that are standard every month like Sew Fun and the last of February is the big Sew Expo.  And I schedule in birthdays so I know to get a card or gift depending on the need.

Then there are the things I forget to put on the schedule that will be  added a bit later – on this schedule, I already see that I forgot to give time to make next months schedule with choosing recipes etc can take a part of a day.  I do hope that this gives you a bit of an idea on how I make my schedules.    I’d love to see yours if you’d care to share.

When spring comes and garden time,  I do a lot of juggling.   I put garden time and project time on the list, and use the day that fits the weather or my possibly aching muscles.

If any of my menus interest you, please do ask for the recipe and I’ll be happy to share.