Quilts to finish in 2019

As we enter this next year, I have joined some groups to help me keep accountable.  This means that I get to post the photo of the quilt I want to finish each month at the beginning of the year and check in at the end of each month to see if that has been accomplished.

January- this quilt still needs to be quilted and bound



  February – Bear paw has been cut out.   There are many, many pieces and it will be a challenge to get this top done in one month.   But I need to apply myself as lambs will be coming next month.

 March – Leg Cozie, a lap quilt

  April – babies are mostly here and needing a lot of work, plus the garden needs to be worked.   So the aim is to get the teapot miniature done.

  May – Glacier is 50 x 70 and I’m hoping things have calmed down enough I have time to finish this top.

    June – I still have 14 of these blocks that are finished and need to be set into a top.  The plan is to find a baby quilt design into which to fit them and finish the top.


  July and August – There are several of these blocks.  I plan to finish 2 of them during the hot weather.

  September – The garden is still needing lots of attention so if I complete the top, I will be happy.   This has been on my radar for about 15 years.

  October – Time to start thinking about the holidays.  This will be gifted.


   November – Garden is mostly done, Sheep are breeding and I will catch my breath.   I love Penguins and so do others.   This will be gifted.

  December and another penguin quilt.     These are my month goals and I am connecting with American Patchwork challenge, and others as they come to my attention.   That’s my way of being help accountable.   And of course, I have told you my plan, so you will also be watching.

Have a very blessed 2019, full of health and happiness.




2 Responses

  1. Happy New Year Sharon! I hope and pray that you and your DH both enjoy good health in the year ahead.
    It looks like you have a good plan for the year in quilting. I did that for 2 years with Judy Lacquidera, but she had to make a change in her life, and the 2nd year just petered out. I did manage to quilt a few tops in December, so my pile is a wee bit shorter… Of course, I got a new quilt book for Christmas, so the pile will probably be replenished!

  2. I am impressed with your organization! I have so many projects to pick from, I just grab what I want to do at the time. I got out a machine quilting project today and ended up finishing piecing blocks from a BOM! Gotta love all our projects on hand!