Tractor has arrived; new scarf


The tractor has arrived!


Yes, I can get up there.   Grandma Moses started her painting at 76.   I bought my sheep as a business at 76.   I think I have a good model to follow.   So now when the sun shines again, I’ll take a driving lesson on the new machine.   There is so much it can do, that I would never have been able to do without it.   I’m a happy camper today.

 My sprained ankle is not healing very fast, probably because I don’t stay off it, plus there is this knee the doctor would like to replace that has been troublesome, so other than feeding animals, I spent time knitting, which keeps my leg out of trouble.   This is yarn that I spun maybe 30 years ago.  Black wool and white bunny, then plied together.   It is extremely soft and cuddly.   There is enough left to make a scarf for barn duty when lambs arrive and it is freezing out there.   I have about 24″ knit, using a large needle and garter stitch, which goes fast.





2 Responses

  1. That’s a fancy new “plaything”! Hope the weather cooperates and gives you lots of time to figure things out.
    Love the looks of that scarf too!

  2. Judy Shaw says:

    Glad you have a tractor to help with all you do! Fun and useful scarf. too.