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I have a few of these buckets of scraps sorted very generally by color, which means yellow, cream, orange are in the same bucket.  There are still some scraps that need to be gone through and put in the proper places.

  I also have need to make about 50 potholders for requests and gifts, some by mid November.   Time flies this time of year, so this morning, I started this project.  I found some ideas and started tackling the choices of fabrics, including looking through those not yet in their proper places.

This pumpkin potholder takes 19 pieces of fabric plus the bias binding.   That does not count the backing, batting, or Insulite, which I will cut later as needed.  So even though potholders are small, they can take up much time in selection and sewing, as they really are mini quilts.

I cut out enough fabrics for a total of 10 potholders (not all the same).   Then it was stall cleaning time if I wanted to get it done before the rains started.   After 3 hours of stall cleaning, I was out of energy.   Therefore nothing has been sewn.   However, I may choose and cut out all the pieces and then have a sewing marathon.