Daily Archives: October 16, 2018




Stem cell report

Today was the day for the third and last stem cell visit.  So here is our Parkinson stem cell report:   DH is much more active and is interested in helping to care for the animals, doing some household chores and occasionally going with me to do grocery shopping.   He still tires easily, but is not sleeping most of the day as he was.   He has been totally responsible for keeping the hoop house watered, the dishes done and feeding the dog at the lower barn all summer.

Although he says he does not notice a difference in his shuffle, or how he feels or his balance, he is no longer falling.  Even the neighbors are noticing that he looks more alive.  So for us, it has been worthwhile.  He is bothered by his lack of muscle strength, which I will guess is due to the length of time, he didn’t have the energy to do much of anything.  I think he will be getting stronger now that he is doing more.   It is an interesting journey through this life and we continue to ask for your prayers.