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October refinish

October refinish is now truly done.   I thought these two were finished last year, but when I got them out to hang this year, I found some little finishes that still needed doing.   Now the two are totally done.  Now it’s time to find another project that needs to be finished.

DH is now reading “Uncle Tom’s cabin” to us and as you can see, Bracken is right here listening to the book.   She so enjoys being right in the middle of whatever.   If you haven’t read this book lately, it is worth re-reading.

I just love these sheep, they are such characters.   The one on the left is our smallest, but she just climbs in and on the others to be sure she is one of the early ones in the food line.   We have been spending a lot of time and energy getting ready for winter and the rains, which may be starting tomorrow evening.

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