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Chicken coop

We have a new chicken coop for the dozen babies we bought a short time ago.   They have grown so fast and needed a bigger, safe home.   So my neighbor put chicken wire and a door on this 3 sided structure which he finished tonight and we have moved the chickens  into it.

I also spent a several hours convincing certain sheep that they wanted to leave their comfortable ewe companions and spend to two months with a lovely ram.  Sheep get used to each other and don’t like any upsets.   If one moves, they feel they have to go as a group, which was not my plan.  However, bribery with treats and lots of time, convinces them they should chose what really want them to do.   So we now have 2 breeding groups set up to have March lambs.

In addition to all this fun, we had the fence man come to see why the hot wire is malfunctioning.    He fixed several places, but I see tonight, one of the dogs is back out, so that still needs work.

You’ve probably noticed the gaps in messages.   I have been fighting for a bit now with passwords and being locked out of my websites.   Today, my 3 sons were here and think they have solved the problems.  I have strict instructions to email myself with every password I choose to use so I don’t get so confused and locked out of my own sites.   It took these 3 master programmers about 2 hours to get everything solved and me back to my sites.   So I will try very hard now to remember to send myself emails when I make changes.