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Applesauce and plying

   Over the last two days I’ve canned 24 quarts of applesauce  plus 2 pints.   But if I could say 50 pints, it would sound more impressive.   They are cull apples because we didn’t get them sprayed with anything so, I’m losing about half of each apple to insects.   Still there are plenty of apples to go around.   I’m canning the sauce now and when it’s ugly and cold, we can make apple butter.

And in between batches, I’ve decided it is past time to turn some of my spun singles into plied yarn ready to use.


This is the soft luscious wool from our dog, Beau.  I am so pleased with the way it spun up, but don’t have a project in mind yet





  A pretty red wool, probably destined to be a scarf as there isn’t enough for a sweater.   I think I fell in love with this color, so purchased the roving.





I’m guessing this was one of our Babydoll sheep.  But when I don’t label things, I forget.  Since there isn’t much wool, that’s my best guess.





All of these are now washed and ready to wind and use when I decide what to knit.   Plus I am plying a lot of – maybe 2# of brown yarn I have spun singles.   It looks as if there is enough for a sweater.   Maybe I can show that tomorrow.