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Thunder, lightning, rain

The last day and a half, the weather has put on a real show.   After being dry for so long, it decided to Thunder, lightning and rain several times throughout yesterday and this morning.  Alternating with this was drenching rain.  I’m not convinced my shower rains that much.   It certainly has been a big change.

I could have quilted, or knitted, but I chose to ply the Pyrenees dog hair that  combed from Beau. 

Plied and wrapped,

Then washed

and hung to dry hand – it shows beige, but if off white.

Here is the finished product hanging from the shower.  When totally dry, I will put it aside for inspiration to hit me.   And of course after this was all done and I was putting things away, I found another skein which still has to be plied at different time as I am done for today.