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Tomato and other plants

These tomato plants have been in for three weeks and are doing very good, so today I planted some tiny little sauce tomatoes that are barely up, but it’s now or it won’t happen.   Tomorrow I will try to get some more peppers in.   The peas, onion, garlic and cauliflower are doing good.  The kale is ahead of me.

I took out most of the winter broccoli to make room for something new.   I picked a large amount of kale.   It is amazing – first you plant and water and fertilize, then you get to wash and process the food.  This all seems to take so much time.    Grocery store food is CHEAP.   But what we grow is better.

When I got to the fairgrounds there were still many unsold fleeces to be picked up.

I was happy as half of mine sold.  The fleece that went with this rosette was sold.  Though I know this day had 24 hours, like every other day it seems it has  been a long day.



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