Daily Archives: April 11, 2018




New barn cabinet

This photo was taken while the cabinet was still on the store shelf.   Apparently this years colors for bathroom cabinets are either dark  walnut or white.   For the new barn cabinet, I thought either of those colors would show every bit of dirt.   After a bit of hunting I found this.   It is a barn and doesn’t need anything more than functional, so will be just fine.  The man told me the sink was part of it, so I brought it home and box clearly says “no sink”.  So tomorrow I will try to buy that to complete this job.

  Then there was this little item of business.   How long can it take to hang up a coat instead of draping it on the chair at the back door.   Apparently, it can take all winter.  Today, I found a hook and a stud in the wall and the coat can now be hung between visits to the barn.  Of course soon, it will hang there until next winter.   Sometimes simple tasks take me longer than more difficult ones.  Can you relate?