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Little pieces make my day

It’s the little pieces that make my day.  I finally purchased a new flannel backed tablecloth so hopefully my quilt pieces will stay up better.   The last one was up for 2 plus years and had many extra threads on it.  The cost was 1.50 and should have been done last year.

I had to go south to pick up the x-ray disc from the doctor there to take to the ankle doctor in Seattle next week.  I asked them to forward it by computer which is what they usually do.  They didn’t have what I thought a good reason that they didn’t want to do this.   So I got to spend two hours going after the disc.

Now, since there is a wedding the end of the month, I need a dress, so Nordstrom’s Rack was my next stop.   It’s amazing.   I had this little talk with God, telling Him my needs and that I didn’t like shopping and wasting that time, would He please help.  He did.   I found exactly one dress that fit and that will work great for this purpose at a very low price.   So half an hour was all it took to take care of a chore I dislike.  I frequently have these talks with my Heavenly Father and am still amazed that He cares so much.    No, I don’t always get what I ask for, but many times I do.


After checking in on the sheep and feeding them a bit early, I planted the tomatoes and peppers that I had started last month.  I am hoping for enough energy to keep this garden going.  So far, I have lettuce, sugar peas (which need stringing), garlic, and onions in as well as the winter crops that aren’t quite done.  I have beets and zucchini that are started and are ready for planting – maybe tomorrow.   I try to get just a half hour including watering in 3-4 days a week.   I hope that will be enough to get everything growing and the weeds down.