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Tale of two foxes

As you can clearly see, I managed to reverse one of the two foxes.  I should have a fox headed each direction which is not the case.   Since the first one was created last year, I don’t remember enough to know what I did differently.  I know that the vellums that came as the pattern were pointed opposite directions.    They turned out the same size so it is not a big thing.

This is the Winter Wonderland set by Linda Hibbert of www.silverliningsoriginals.com.   Each bird or animal comes with a left and a right vellum pattern, so you can face them the way that pleases you.  I found that with being very scrimpy with the fabric kit included, I can get both the left and the right facing one made, which gives me more practice. (I have had to substitute a fabric where I ran out.)

I think I’ll go back and do the other cardinals and bunny and then attempt the squirrels and the moose.   By then the fellows should have made headway outside on the road and I will no longer need to concern myself with that.   This makes such a great diversion and takes real concentration

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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    We recently saw a real live fox in Colorado; it ran along the roadside and was just beautiful! (Yours are, too, even if they aren’t facing the way you wanted!)