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Spinning, gardening

 It’s been another rainy week.  Today, I had some time, but not enough time to really get into a project, so I sat  spinning for a few minutes.


The lettuce in front is doing well, but the peas behind are overdue for stringing.

Half of the pepper starts are in and doing well.







The Swiss chard, walking onions and winter broccoli are all overwintering and doing very well.

Cabbage starts are in and happy.







Leaf lettuce and more peas that also need stringing

The lime tree that I was quite sure I killed last summer is making a come back.






Happy overwintered kale and new potatoes.

Tiny new beets transplanted today

Spinach overwintered and growing faster than we can keep up

Tomatoes well started.

Two groups of small tomatoes that have volunteered.   There will probably be many more as it gets warmed.   Last year, I promised myself to not let any of these live, but since I haven’t planted any of the cherry size, maybe I should keep 2-3 of these volunteers.  They are ready to eat before the others.

In addition to these photos, is garlic and overwintering broccoli on the far side.   The garden is doing very good so far.   I still want to plant celery, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and sauce tomatoes inside.  Outside, I’d like to get potatoes, green beans, corn and squashes going.  I just need enough days without rain to start them.

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  1. Wow! Do you have more hours in a day on the west coast? You got a lot done! In the meantime, we are in the middle of a “historic” ice storm – not even thinking of starting plants yet (but have to get to it SOON!!!)
    Love your pink / rose fibre!