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Skirting fleeces

My neighbor came over today and we spent a good amount of time skirting fleeces for the show in 2 weeks.  We first put them on this table which is made from spaced PVC tubes.  Then we take off all the bad parts around the edges, neck, rear, all around.  We checked to make sure there were no breaks in the fleece and removed as much of the hay, weeds, whatever they embedded in their fleeces as we could.  We then rolled them up with the cut side up, and slipped them in plastic bags, ready for the judge to look at as well as the buyer.

We have many more fleeces to go through, clean and advertise.

I did get some more tomatoes started today.   I’m hoping for a long summer so they will get ripe.

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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    Sounds like quite a big project! Hope you had a nice Easter.