Practice piece

Today I worked on a practice piece – a free little mini quilt from Sassafras Lane Designs.  I found  several places for improvement, which was not a surprise.   It had more difficulty in cutting and sewing these small pieces, so this was good practice.   I also found that my sewing was fairly accurate, but I need take more care with the cutting.  I sewed each of these quilting lines from the top down.  Next time, I will alternate stitching one line from the top and the next from the bottom to see how much difference that would make.    If I were to quilt a “real” piece, I would starch it until stiff as the back became shorter an inch shorter than the front in this small piece.  Then I would spray glue it together so the top and bottom fed evenly.   Or I could just allow extra backing if doing this on the domestic machine.  I ended up trimming an inch off the bottom and the top.  It finished at 8.5 x 10″ and out of scraps.   I will use it for a mug rug when have a small plate of something with a drink.  It was a good learning experience.

2 Responses

  1. That’s a cute little mini!
    I’m sure that when you baste a larger quilt, you would probably sandwich it a bit more securely than you can do a mini – that said, even when I made sure that all my layers were taut, they still shifted some. I used to pin baste my layers – now I spray baste all my bigger projects and I don’t have those issues! (I found a Dritz basting spray – it works really well, and doesn’t seem to have any detectable smell!)

  2. Great mug rug for a cool drink in the summer!