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Juliette – dog or sheep?

Miss Juliette wants to be a dog most of the time.   She must think the dogs have it better and maybe they do.

She wants me to see that she can play bow, run and jump just like the dogs.  She only wants to be a sheep when she has babies.    So do we class Juliette as a dog or a sheep?    Seems she is as confused as some people.

I went to the feed store for stall lime today.   They said they didn’t have any unless it was  in the garden section.  They wanted to sell me zinc carbonate instead at 74.00/bag.   I finally found the calcium carbonate – dolomite – lime at 9.00/bag.   No wonder they don’t think they have any – that’s a big upsell.   But I think the employees really don’t know there is a difference.

That being done, I went off to purchase seed potatoes and onion.  Now I just need a week of sun to dry out the ground so I can put these in the ground.   There is not enough room in the hoop house.

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  1. My kids used to say that businesses don’t pay their staff enough for the staff to care about their jobs – but I think we’ve raised a generation of kids that just don’t care, PERIOD! As long as they show up for work and get paid they don’t seem to care how well they do their job…
    Enough ranting!
    Poor Miss Juliette! Dogs definitely have it better than sheep!