All over eyelets cloth

This washcloth pattern is called “All over Eyelets’  by Janet Nogle.   It measures 8” square and  very easy to knit.  However, I started it 3 times, before I was happy with the size I was making.   Janet often posts “swatch” patterns.  This one I liked, but also wanted it to be usable.  The cotton fiber is leftover without any identification on it.

I worked in the garden this morning, pulling many weeds.   I planted a few more tomatoes and cauliflower plants.   I still have more tomatoes sprouting and beets and celery to plant.

2 Responses

  1. That’s a cute dishcloth pattern – pretty to look at, but still practical! I tend to knit the same patttern over and over – either alternating knit or purl ‘boxes’, or mock cable with boders…
    We still are way below normal temps here – but we’re getting our seeds started in our mini ‘greenhouse’ – it’s just a plant stand with lights and a plastic cover – but it works! Meanwhile, the weeds in our garden plot seem to be growing okay!

  2. Judy Shaw says:

    I’ve been out pulling weeds and raking also. Love that dishcloth!