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Younger and stronger

Yes, all this sheep work is exercise, but I bought the sheep to “make me younger and stronger” by keeping me moving and that is what they are doing.  They need me to be able to care for them.  My muscles are slowly growing.   Now I need to learn to better prioritize so that I still have time for quilting and the food garden as well as sheep care.   Bottle babies don’t help the schedule.   I need their mothers to care for them.   I had to laugh when a neighbor stopped by to see the lambs and said “well, I’m 76 and when you get my age…….”.. I didn’t want to ask her how old she thought I was.  I am her age.   That was a great compliment even if she didn’t know it.   And it makes the hard work worthwhile.  I am noticing a difference in balance and walking and plan to continue improving.  I am happy.

There is so very much to learn in caring for these wonderful animals, that I am in a constant state of learning. These 3 sets of Shetlands were combined today as the mothers and their offspring are now bonded.  In 2-3 days, they will be able to go out with all the sheep as the little ones will then know how to dodge the big sheep.

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