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As Time goes by

(Photos can be difficult to get.)   I have been working on a pair of socks named “As Time Goes By” and the name is so appropriate for today’s post.   I flew to Wash DC for the Celebration of Life event for my sister-in-law who is at the end of her Alzheimer’s journey.   She was so active and her entire life was lived to bless others.  Maybe her genes knew time would not be as long for her, as she had what seemed like boundless energy.   If she saw a need, she was there with a helping hand, from offering child care to a mother who was trying to get more education, to mission service while working a full-time job, where she was able to share her love of baking.   She loved people and you never saw her without a smile that said “you’re special to me”.   And somehow she always had time for you.  At family gatherings when they would come to visit, she always made a stop at Costco and brought more than enough food for everyone. (even though it was a potluck and she was only bringing drinks).   Hospitality was her game.

On the plane I worked on my “As Time Goes By Socks” by Susan Burzynski.  This was a Ravalry free pattern, cuff down,  that I am making with Knitpicks “Felici” yarn in Sprinkles colorway.  I did not get finished but am ready to do the toes.  I am home now, so it’s anyone’s guess when they will actually get done.  Hopefully, this week.  But even that will depend on if emergencies arise.

Meanwhile nothing exciting happened at the farm.   Animals were cared for and no one new emerged.  Maybe this week, we will see a new face or two.

Give your loved ones an extra hug.  Life only seems long to the young.