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Meet Peppy

Meet Peppy, our latest little ewe lamb, who did it right.   I fed the bottle babies, went home to get something, came back 15 minutes later.  She had entered the world at 9# and was already nursing.    It would be so wonderful if every baby entered this way and we could let nature do all the work.   She is #13 and the 9th ewe lamb.

We are expecting another 10-12 babies in March.  I am also anticipating good moms that will have plenty of milk so there will not be more bottle babies.   In that way, I’ll also get nightly sleep and perhaps be able to get some sewing and quilting done.

Other than that, we spent a share of our day at Costco, and of course going back and forth to the barn to feed the bottle babies.  So for the first time in over a year, I did not finish my “One monthly goal” with Elm Street Quilts.