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Time goes by socks

I have now completed two pattern repeats on “As time goes by” socks.  I think I will need 5 repeats, so 3 more to go.  This name just seems so appropriate as the time has been flying by.

The big equipment fellows finally came back this week and are once again working.  They left the machine here all winter, so I can only assume it was too wet to need it.  They are now removing dead trees and blackberry brambles.  Then we can plant pasture

Another unfinished project.   The iris didn’t get weeded much last summer, but they are still volunteering to come back up and give us a show of beauty this summer.

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  1. Love those socks! The pattern looks just complicated enough to keep your attention, but easy enough to memorize and knit.
    I’m glad that the equipment guys came back – the pasture will probably “take” well after this winter.
    I try to find a new iris variety every summer – such a beautiful flower!