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Stem cell day

Today was the big stem cell day.   It took 2 hours to drive into Seattle as there were several accidents, no doubt caused by the rain.  It really was surprisingly simple.   The doctor pokes tiny little holes in the “love handle” areas of the waist with a #30 needle and then suctions some fat out.   Now for me, I didn’t have a problem because I have a bit extra there.   For DH, it was a major problem because he really has no extra fat.   However, they finally did get enough.   They take out what would amount to a stick of butter.  Then they process it to remove the stem cells from the fat.   This takes about 30-45 minutes.  We rested while that was accomplished.    Because I have a bad knee, they inserted the cells into the knee joint and I should have full mobility without pain within 3-6 months.

For DH, it was inserted into a vein so that the body can choose the most needed area.  For Parkinson’s symptoms, we wait the same amount of time.   We do not know what the outcome will be for him.  The doctor has done many Parkinson’s patients and all have had some amount of relief from systems, though there is a variance from some relief to remission.   Also because this is a progressive type disease, they recommend an “annual booster”.    All of this research is so new and they are learning so much continually, that things could change.   We entered as part of a national study being conducted.

 Yesterday, I managed to quilt most of these colorful mountains.   I used a circle design that came with my machine , but changed it to become more oval

I was really short for backing so inserted a block that matched the front.  Now, I just need to get both this and the spool quilt bound and off to their new homes.

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  1. I hope that you both have MUCH symptom relief – and that the information gathered from your journey will be helpful to someone else down the road.
    LOVE that quilting motif – and the backing!