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St Patrick’s babies

The rush to be St Patrick’s babies started a day early, and maybe because of the new moon.   These are Poly and her ram and ewe lamb.   She had them yesterday, but still hasn’t decided if she wants to keep both.  So it’s possible there could be another bottle baby, but I really hope not.

Then last night Zelda decided she couldn’t hold out another day and had twin ewe lambs.   These are Shetlands and 1/2 the size of the Cormos, weighing in about 4#.

This afternoon, Zoe, another Shetland, got it right.   These are the St Patrick day lambs.  At least as of right now.   Sometimes a sheep will not give any indications that she is going to give birth and other times, she looks like it for a week or two ahead of time.  Zelda didn’t indicate.  We’ve been watching Zoe for 2 weeks.   The orange color on the coat indicates it was a difficult labor and will wear off soon.

These sheep will have incredible fiber next spring and most of them will have moved on to their new homes.  It will be difficult parting with them


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