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Road work, tagging

  Road work has been the “item” the last two days, the men have been working on this road which has been a big mud problem.  It is 300 plus feet long and in the wet winter can try to eat a vehicle.   Midweek they will be laying the gravel. (and I’m betting we will be on a starvation diet after this expense).   But what a treat it will be to walk up to the barn from the house (you see the garage in the distance) on dry ground.

Yesterday after sweeping, mopping and other household chores we spent considerable time

tagging the babies that are big enough – actually we were a bit late in tagging and had to watch to see which lambs claimed the rights to which mother.   Rams are tagged in the right ear, ewes in the left.   This is Kaarstan, a keeper.   She is gorgeous and will be shown this fall. She was born February 13, so is about a month and half.  They grow so fast.


Dinnertime is crowd time.

We pray each of you has a wonderful Passover, Easter, or maybe just a wonderful Sunday tomorrow.


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