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Lambs and a workout





Lambs photos will follow.  But first a photo of a good workout.   As you can see there is much hay, straw, and poop to remove from one of these pens.   So today, this was most of my workout.   The mother in the back with lambs was the other part.  She wasn’t interested in coming in for two of bonding.   She is the 4th new mother in 3 days.

I had a request for lamb photos and these are what I was able to capture today.


Most are Cormos as the Shetlands are just starting to have their babies.   This last photo is Shetlands.  The mothers yesterday and today had the same color babies, with them being ewe lambs yesterday and today they were ram lambs.

I did find time to gather in a 4 gallon pail of Swiss Chard.   It seems nothing discourages this vegetable, which is good, since it is actually good for the body.  It is now cooked and in the freezer.

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  1. Dar in Mo says:

    The little baby lambs are so cute. You really had a good workout today.

    Don’t over do it and get yourself too sore to sew. :)