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Feeding triplets

Some days it feels as if I  spend the entire day feeding triplets, even though that is not true.  It just seems that way.   This morning for the first time in 3 weeks, I was able to spend my hour at the gym.  Although I come home tired, it is worth the time.   I try to get a rest time on those days, for at least half an hour.  However do humans who have triplets manage all this – they can’t walk away for 2 or 3 hours,  knowing all will be safe until they return?

This afternoon we made a quick trip to the church with some gloves we picked up for the homeless as JoAnn’s is having their sale to move out winter items.   They were at a terrific buy at $.50/pair and perfect for this in barely above freezing weather.  This is Beau’s favorite place.  He loves it when we can include him in a car trip.   I must have 2 dog biscuits.   One when he gets into the car, then the second is expected when I come back to the car from wherever it is that I had to go, whether for 10 minutes or for a quick trip to a door.   He is such a funny boy!

In between feedings, I also get to slip in the fun things like laundry, cooking, and some cleaning.  I’m hoping to visit the sewing studio tomorrow, but there are more plants that need to be put into the ground as well.   This is such a wonderful, busy time of the year.


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