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Cooking/gardening day

My cooking/gardening day began in the kitchen.  I found another 10 jars of pear sauce to turn into pear butter since we eat the one, but not the other.   So I filled the slow cooker with the sauce and will cook it down to a bit less than 1/2 what it is now.    Then I went out to the hoop house.  The weeds have started growing again with this warmer weather as well as the plants.   So I spent time removing them and picking produce, I pulled the rest of the Brussels sprouts which were starting to flower.   I picked then pulled out half of the winter broccoli which is basically done.   The winter cabbage is still there along with half the broccoli plants.

 I washed and stemmed the parsley.   When I was done I had these 2 full gallon bags of parsley ready to use.   I washed, cooked, and froze the broccoli.   Winter broccoli is very different from spring  broccoli in that it doesn’t have the nice big clusters, but rather many shoots with buds which are very tender.  So between weeds, harvest, and cleaning, I filled the day.   It seems to take as long to prepare some of these foods as it does to plant and water them.

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