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Spools quilt together

 The  spools quilt is together and ready for borders.  It seems this week has been fast and furious.   Last night I finished getting everything into Quicken so I can pull up categories for taxes.   I showed it to DH so he could assemble what he needs for the part he does.   I found a couple mistakes which I will repair and then it is ready for my visit with the tax man.   We have added the farm this year as a  business so I don’t really know which numbers he will want.   But they are all there and that is a huge relief.

The sheep shearing man is scheduled for Sunday and that will be an all day job.   If you are close and want to stop by and watch, you are welcome.   I was told to be ready by 8.30 AM.   I think we are doing about 30 sheep.

I mentioned to you earlier this week that we decided to drop 20 years from our ages.   The really ridiculous thing is that we have both have had more energy.   It really seems silly, but we are trying to believe it and act accordingly and I love that more is getting done.   We are also more tired at the end of the day and sleeping better.   Try it and tell me how it goes for you.

Have a peaceful and restful day tomorrow.

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