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Feb 2018 Shearing day


Feb 2018  Shearing day set up and ready to go

I know we did more than 20 sheep, but I don’t know how many and don’t have enough energy to count the fleeces.   So tomorrow…….

Pierre is so good at shearing them, that many just lay there very relaxed so he can get on with their spa day.    (this one may birth in the next day or two)

In contrast, this is one with the vet.   Just to make life interesting, this girl had a prolapsed vagina.   If not treated immediately, it meant death.   So the vet (in green shirt) came out, put everything back inside her and we hope for the best.  This was not fun for anyone because she had to be held upside down to shove this large ball of protrusion back inside her body.  It is stitched in to hold it hopefully until the baby arrives and then she will not be bred again.   She is a good family pet prospect as she has beautiful wool and will be useful for that.

Yes, I was so busy that I forgot to take photos of the wool as we went along, so, they will come as we skirt it and get it ready for sale.   There are several that will be going to the fair as they are simply gorgeous.

I’ll be hitting the hay early tonight.  Tomorrow, I’ll wash sheep coats so they can be put back on and then bring the fleeces into the house for skirting and photos to advertise them.