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Mind over matter

 When we got up this morning, we were 20 years older, than we are tonight.  At breakfast, I decided we were not getting enough done and DH was doing nothing other than the gym and the dishes and napping.  Well, that’s because he retired without hobbies.   So using the phrase “mind over matter”, I told him, he is now 64 and that’s how he gets to act and think.   WOW!   I should have come up with this earlier.  He actually did act younger.   And since he is 20 years younger, I also am.   So the greenhouse beds are all weeded.

I still need to clean the weeds near the entrance.   I brought in a load of the cabbage leaves we love for our cooked greens

I washed them and stemmed them, then he cut and cooked them, freezing some.

 The barn stalls are cleaned, 3 primroses were planted and a load of laundry is done, plus a half hour of sewing. After a snack, I sat down to catch up on the computer (where I dozed off for a few minutes) and he took a short nap.   It is amazing how much we can get done when we drop 20 years off our age!