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Snow day and Esther

Looks like winter has arrived today with a lovely snow day.  The forecast is for more this week.   The biggest problem with snow is when one has to go out into it several times a day.   However, it is beautiful.

Queen Esther arrived wearing a lovely white crown.   She is posing with her mother Estelle behind her.  She gives us the count of 5 ewe lambs with 3 ram lambs.

Here are the two being raised in the house, complete with Mickey Mouse diapers.  They love following us around, but when tired, quickly go back to their bed.

One variety of tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, and cabbage are up enough to transplant into individual pots.  I forgot to buy beets, so they aren’t started.  And I want to get some other tomatoes going.  It’s all a matter of time and space.   I planted snow peas and sweet peas today.  Fortunately as soon as they are up, the cold snap should be over and they can go into the hoop house to grow.


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