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Moving day

These two have learned to pull things down and drag them around, so it is definitely Moving Day.    They were also trying to jump onto the couch. They were moved to the barn.  They have their kennel in a heated room for the nights. as I was afraid moving them from the house to really cold might be a bit of a shock when the nights are below freezing.  But in a couple days they will have acclimated and after Saturday, we are supposed to have a week of above freezing nights.   They will become real sheep and learn the ways of their kind.  And I will get the toys picked up and clean the floors less frequently.  Plus today was vaccination day and it was easier for them, to all be together.  I will still be taking bottles up for them 5 times a day so we will have a lot of interaction.

When you need a boost , it’s very handy to have mom resting nearby.

There! – With mom’s help, she made it into the feeder.

My next step is to try to figure out how to get some of these cute videos onto this page.  Apparently I am very limited as to size, so will work on that to give you more entertainment in the future.   One can spend a lot of time enjoying them.

As for the people who live here.  Today, we had our general blood work done.  When we came home, the friend that was here visiting yesterday stopped by with the most delicious loaf of home-made sour dough bread which we willingly accepted and is now half eaten.  It is wonderful to have friends share with you especially when you have added responsibilities.

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