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Mountain mistakes

I’m showing you a couple of mountain mistakes I have made so that you can avoid them.   I think I made them because I am grabbing  minutes here and there instead of doing them thoughtfully.   The above is how they should look.   I have 4 of each side.

With these mountains, I failed to reverse two of them, so have 6 of the left side and 2 of the right side.   They will still be used.  I have a bit of extra fabric, so I will make corrected blocks.

 And obviously in this mountain, the first cut was 1.5″ instead of 2″.   Again, it is still usable, but not what I had in mind for this quilt.  I’m glad I saw this error as soon as I made the first cut.  The other blocks are cut correctly.

I am finding with this block, I need to lay the pieces out in the correct order before sewing them together in order to avoid ripping.  It really is a very easy block, but one does need to think about the order of sewing.

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  1. Been there, done that… (More times than I care to remember!)
    I’m glad that you’re finding some time to sew! How are the babies?