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Exchange students and sheep

 usThis morning we had the privilege of introducing our sheep and dogs to two exchange students who had not been to visit a farm before.   Beau insisted on being in the photo as he firmly believes each visitor is here to pet him.  The girls’ hostess is a friend so it was fun to visit with her while they were here, plus she brought us lovely shortcake to go with the strawberries that I had thawed.


We chose a time the lambs would be hungry so the girls would get to experience feeding them as well.   It looks like they enjoyed the experience.

We enjoyed their visit and hopefully they will get a chance to return and watch the lambs as they grow.

This morning the peas were sprouted, so the plan is to put them in the hoop house Friday when the weather is warmer.  Perfect timing!  This will give us early peapods as well as peas.






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